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6-It is 7/12/19 at 9:00 AM and I am coming back home from (CONTENT DELETED) and yeah I guess there is not much to say about today...

5-It is 7/11/19 at 2:20 PM and I Just made the font size bigger and easier to read. I feel that I am done making this site and I'm ready to start posting normal life things instead of talking about my site because I feel that my readers will be better entertained so yeah I will start putting regular things on here.

4-It is 7/11/19 at 1:43 PM and I Just make Deep Blog go to the corner of the screen and when I have more words and I am able to scroll down it will stay there! I want to play fortnite mobile today but I am spending the night at my cousins and didn't bring my IPad :(

3-It is 7/11/19 at 1:11 PM and I don't know what else I can do with this site...

2-It is 7/11/19 at 12:17 PM and I'm liking this site!

1-It is 7/11/19 at 12:14 PM and I am making this site

This is a blog site for my YouTube "Shark Deep"